Scientific activity

The scientific activity of the Center is organized by the Academic Council under the direct supervision of the Center’s Director. The Academic Council has a commission of experts, testing and ethical committees.
Scientific researchers of the Center cooperate with other scientific institutions of the republic, with the WHO and also with other obstetric-gynecological establishments of foreign countries.

The Center annually organizes an international scientifically-practical conference of "Actual Questions of Obstetrics and Gynecology".
One of the most important courses of the Center is achievement of success in science and in practice, which will become possible through edition of monographies, textbooks and guidelines about obstetrics and gynecology actual questions, neonatology, laboratory diagnostics and traditional medicine.
The Center participates in state scientific programs. Scientific researchers of the Center actively participate in the international conferences, congresses and meetings of WHO.
All scientific work of the Center is united under a central goal "scientific bases for maternal and newborn health protection".

Introduction of scientific achievements in the area of obstetrics-gynecologic science of public health is one of the primary tasks of the Center.

There are several methods and means for achievement of this task:

- Organization of courses and seminars on most actual questions of obstetrics and gynecology and
adjacent disciplines .
- Organization of annual international conference "Actual Questions of Obstetrics and Gynecology"
- Publication of monographies and guidelines
- Publication of results of scientific works in periodic medical press
- Report of scientific employees of the Center on congresses, conferences, seminars etc.
- Visiting conferences and seminars on actual questions of obstetrics and gynecology.

The main directions of scientific research:

- High risk pregnancy and delivery
- Preventive maintenance, diagnostics and treatment of newborns’ critical condition, especially with
low and extremely low weight
- Working at all stages of newborns’ intensive therapy
- Infertility
- Neuro-endocrine-metabolic infringements at women in age aspect
- Background and precancerous diseases of uterine cervix
- Reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections (STI)
- Role of hereditary factors in genesis of the obstetric-gynecologic pathology.

The Scientific Library of the RCMCHP was founded in 1933.

Thanks to the efforts of administration and employees of the Center, the library has turned into a modern medical library, with internet access, filled with literature not only from Armenia, but also from Russia and other foreign countries.
The library consists of 11,137 books, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, methodical recommendations, abstracts and dissertations.
Employees of the Center have online access to other scientific libraries and more than 1000 foreign medical and biologic magazines.