Delivery division

Annually, over 3000 deliveries are performed at the Delivery Division. The services are provided by a team of highly qualified physicians 24 hours a day. In addition, a patient can also choose to have an individual physician. Deliveries are conducted in separate delivery rooms under constant supervision by a doctor and a nurse-midwife. Each delivery room is intended for one lying-in woman.

The Delivery Division is equipped with the ultrasound device, infusomats and other modern equipment for constant monitoring of the conditions of the mother and the fetus. At patient's choice and in the absence of any health-threatening indications, delivery can be performed under peridural anesthesia, which possesses high anesthetizing effect and does not render oppressing influence on patrimonial activity or the condition of the mother or the fetus. Long peridural anesthesia is performed by highly qualified anesthesiologists. Relatives or friends may be present during the delivery process for psychological support upon discretion of the pregnant woman. Our delivery rooms are very comfortable and cozy. The pregnant woman can actively and freely move around, choosing a comfortable position during the labor pains. Right after the delivery the newborn is placed on mother's chest.

RCMCHP Delivery Division provides highly qualified help not only to healthy pregnant women, but also to the patients of the high risk group, i.e. pregnant women with extra-genital pathology (diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrinal, urinary excretional, nervous and respiratory systems, hypertensive illness, etc.), and to pregnant women with obstetric and gynecologic pathology (gestosis, anemias, diseases of feto-placentary system, sterility in anamnesis, uterine myoma, ovary tumours, etc.).

Certain situations require performance of the cesarean section. The method of anesthesia for the cesarean section is determined by the anesthesiologist depending on the condition of the lying-in woman and the fetus and taking into account the woman's preference. The Delivery Division also performs "water birth" deliveries. A special bath allows the woman to stay in warm water during the first period of the delivery, which provides relaxation and anesthesia, and improves uterine-placentar blood circulation.


Division Head
Levon H. Hakobyan, M.D., Ph. D.
Sona A. Abelyan, M. D. Ph.D.
Suren I. Azizyan, M. D., Ph. D.
Armen R. Badalyan,M. D.
Zaruhi G. Orbelyan, M. D.