High risk pregnancy division

The Division has units of functional and ultrasound diagnostics and cardiomonitor control.

The doctors at the Unit examine pregnant women with early, mid and late ages of gestation with various obstetric and extragenital pathology:

  • Preeclampsia
  • Placentary insufficiency
  • Hypoxia and hypotrophy of the fetus
  • Threat of a miscarriage and premature birth
  • The congenital and got heart diseases
  • Diseases of urinary excretion systems
  • Endocrinological pathology: diabetes, hypo-and hyperthyroidism 
  • Tumours of uterus (myoma) and appendages.

Diagnostics and treatment of arterial hypertensia of various genesis are performed under the control of monitoring of arterial pressure and frequency of heart rate (chronodiagnosis, chronotherapy).
The Division has many years of experience in preventive maintenance of complications of pregnancy at women with induced pregnancy, pregnancy after IVF, IVF+ICSI, IVF+ТЕSА, with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, with isthmic-cervical insufficiency (if necessary, a surgical correction - suture on a uterus cervix is performed between 13 and 18 weeks of pregnancy.)

The Division has suites of Best Comfort.


Head of the department of high risk pregnancy
Mariam G. Shahinyan M.D., Ph.D.
Irina J. Jahanyan, M. D.
Maria M. Melkumyan, M. D.
Armine G. Khanamiryan, M.D.
Amalya A. Keshishyan,M. D.
Mery S. Tadevosyan, M.D., Ph.D.
Lusine K. Manukyan, M. D., Ph. D.
Gayane A. Gomtsyan, М.D., Ph.D.