Hot line - 010 53 13 42

Address: Armenia, Yervan,
22 Mashtots avenue
Tel.: +(374 10) 53-13-42
Fax: +(374 10) 53-01-92

Director's Greeting

Welcome to the official website of the Research Center of Maternal and Child Health Protection ("RCMCHP")

  It is our pleasure to introduce you to our establishment, located in the center of Yerevan, at 22 Mashtots Avenue. This is one of the oldest clinics in Armenia, founded in 1931. From the date of its establishment to present time, RCMCHP has been home to formation of a school of highly qualified obstetrician-gynecologists, who laid the foundation of Armenian science and practice of obstetric aid and treatment of obstetric-gynecological pathology.
All modern technologies in obstetrics, gynecology, perinatology, intensive therapy and newborns' resuscitation, medical genetics and reproductive health were developed and introduced for the first time in Armenia in our Center. Our impeccable reputation as a highly qualified medical institution is a result of many years of successful hard work in the sphere of public health. 
Medical aid, diagnostic and advisory services are provided by highly qualified doctors and healthcare professionals at RCMCHP.
Our Center is proud to have two Doctors of Medical Sciences, twenty Candidates of Medical Sciences (Ph.D. equivalent) and two candidates of biological sciences. Our physicians constantly improve their professional skills and raise their qualifications through trainings in Russia, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria and other countries. 
RCMCHP's reputation as a leader was earned through day-to-day hard work, guided by the principles of highest professionalism, kind and respectful treatment of our patients and their relatives.