Acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture has a wide application in medicine. In obstetrics it is a treatment of complications of postnatal period: uterine subinvolution, frontal jap junction, hypogalactia, hemorrhoids, etc.

In gynecology, acupuncture corrects disorders of menstrual cycle and disovulation, treats inflammatory processes of appendages and retention cysts of ovaries.
The reflexotherapy is also widely applied at osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuralgia, and myalgia of various genesis.

Skenar-therapy: rheonome is intended for noninvasive, biooperated electropulse therapy directed to activation of reserves of organism at various functional and organic pathological processes.

Quantum therapy is applied both, in combination with traditional therapy and independent. This is influence of low-energy pulse of laser, continuous infra-red radiations, and also constant magnetic field on reflex zones.

Biolaz-Oberon diagnostics is intended for preliminary testing of functional condition of organism and, as a result of automatic calculations, provides interpretation of psychophysiological condition and condition of separate physiological systems.